Week 7 Newsletter: Summer

Dear Friends,

The end of Trinity Term is unstoppably drawing near! This means that summer and good times are just around the corner and because of this we’ve put together the last newsletter for this academic year.

We are all looking forward to seeing many of you back in Oxford in October.

Have a lovely summer!

Your New OUCSS Committee

1. Energy Academy

If you are interested in getting into energy business, we might have just the right thing for you! As many as 20 university students will get a chance to take part in the first year of Energy Academy! You will have the opportunity to visit places that are off-limits to the general public and participate in interesting discussions with top experts in their fields.The deadline for applications is June 26th 2015.
Everyting you need to know can be found here: www.seas.sk/letnaskola
on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/EnelSlovensko/posts/1073363536026409

2. Summer Academy DISCOVER

This summer, a number of our members will (again) join the organising team of DISCOVER, a summer academy for high school students. If you have a younger sibling, student or friend, who likes to ask “Why?” and who wants to learn new things from various fields, please encourage them to apply. (We have rolling applications, but the sooner they apply, the better!)Look at http://discover.sda.sk/ or send us an e-mail with any questions. 

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