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Bohdan Pomahač: Czech Surgeon’s Way to First US Face Transplant

Prof Pomahač was born in Ostrava and studied medicine at the Palacký University in Olomouc. After having finished his studies, Prof Pomahač moved to Boston to pursue a career in general surgery. However, he soon started to specialise in plastic surgery and in 2009, he performed the second partial face transplant surgery in the USA. This was followed by the very first full facial transplant in the USA in 2011. A number of additional face and hand transplant procedures have followed and currently, Prof Pomahač and his team are working on extending the viability of transplanted tissue and minimising the need of patients for post-operative medication.

Prof Pomahač will tell us about his unique achievements, his current research and future plans and is ready to answer any other questions about his professional life. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity and join us on Zoom on Wednesday 27th, 2PM (if in Czechia or Slovakia), or 1PM (if in the UK)!!

If you’re going to attend, please fill in the following form. Don’t hesitate to share any ideas about what you would like to hear about from Prof Pomahač in the relevant section of the form or in the comments below.


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